The Integrated Rural Development of Weaker Sections in India (WIDA)


1 Name of the Organization Integrated Rural development of weaker sections in India. Locally called (WIDA)
2. Address Mr. William Stanley, Director, Semiliguda, Koraput District, Orissa,  Pin: 764036, INDIA.

3. Telephone  00 91 6853 225028, 225396.
4. Fax  00 91 6853 225428.
5. E-Mail
6. Area Study conducted In Orissa 1978-79 by CReNIEO, Chennai.
7. Proposal Submitted 1980 to Resource Agencies.
8. Establishment of Organization Jan 1981.
9. Society Registration 183 of 1985 societies Act.1860
9a Founder and Patron 

Dr.K. Rajarathnam - UELCI, Chennai 

10. FCRA Registration (Home Ministry) 075900274 dated 25.02.1988.
11. Income Tax Exemption 166/111/89 Registered under section of 12 A (A) of the income tax Act 1961.
12. Present area of Operation S.No. Districts  Blocks  


1. Koraput     Semiliguda      40
  Koraput     Pottangi  30
Koraput     Dasamantpur  40
2. Malkangiri  Bonda Hills 20
                       Total Villages            


13. Present population covered
S.No Community Male Female Total
1. Tribals 10384 11111 21495
2. Dalits 1034 1057 2091
3. Others  1283 1248 2526
Total  12701 13411 26112
14 Other Disaster Prone Areas  1. Coastal Orissa, 2. Mahanadi River Valley Basin, Orissa, 3. Nellore Coastal Area, Andhra Pradesh, 4. Gujarat 5. Coastal Tamilnadu.
15. Partners in Development 1. The People, 2 State Government Departments. 3. DST, Central Government of India, 4. Lutheran World Federation, Geneva, 5. EED, Germany, 6.NMZ, Germany, 7. Church of Sweden Aid, Sweden, 8. Stromme Foundation, Norway, 9. Norwegian Church Aid, Norway, 10. SOMNEED, Japan, 11. ACT, Geneva, 12. UNDP, New Delhi, 13. WFP, Bhubaneswar
16. Staff Total Number of Paid Staff: 60
17. Primary goals / Objectives (vision) with main Clientele group


Sustain humanitarian and communitarian values of respect for each other, dignity, harmonious living with nature, work together for a self reliant community, continue to work collectively, to attain self sufficiency and just, gender equal, sustainable and ecologically sound civil society. 

Main objectives of the Organisation as spelled out in bylaws in brief:

i. Community Development Education of the Weaker section to create in them an awareness for Social health and economic development through a process of Community organisation.
ii. Educate them on Health Sanitation and Nutrition.
iii. Training them on skills for self employment.
iv. To remove the elements of backwardness of the people and increase their productivity of the available resources through practical programmes.
v. To carry on activities and programmes incidental to the above mentioned objects of our Association.
18. Clientele 1. Dalits, Adivasis, Fisher Folk and Backward communities.
2. Bonded & Landless Laborers, Marginal & Small, Farmers , Rural Artisans
3. Women and Children,  Rural & Urban  and Slum Poor, Victims of Disasters
19. Strengths skills, competence, capacities etc. to carry out projects Community Development, Women's Programme, Environment programme, Rural Skills and Technology, Leadership Training and Community Health and Community Based Disaster Preparedness .
20. Aspects for further strengthening for more effective work Marketing, Local fund raising, Alternative technology, Professional Consultancy and Decentralised Energy Programmes.
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