The Integrated Rural Development of Weaker Sections in India (WIDA)


Peoples Network

During the last six months people organized a local net work meeting and selected 2 members from each village to participate in Loko Unnayan Sangh to take membership and become a part of LUS as well as the women group members to become a part of Deomali Mahila society. these members were also joined in issue based meetings at peoples network meetings on macro issues.

Pinhead/Block Network Meeting

The Pantheist network programmed was began one year back and there were a continuous meetings were organized. in the new villages the members were identified and organized meetings on non timber forest produce. the members of the pantheist proposed a programmed on training on panchayat raj and new forest policies. nearly 100 persons were participated in the meeting and proposed to register a society for Gangarajpur Panchayats. the committee members have given a name for the society as Anchalika Vikas Parishath. The Anchalika Parishath members organized two meetings on environment issues and marketing linkages with income generation groups.

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