The Integrated Rural Development of Weaker Sections in India (WIDA)


Community Meetings

The staff organized 120 community meetings in 20 villages. the staff shared in the new villages about the project programmes and implementation. they discussed on formation of people's organization, women groups, and cadre training volunteer training, meeting with village native doctors and traditional birth attendants. in the other villages they had discussion on village issues, village fund and self help groups.

Peoples Organization and Training

During the last six months people organization was formed in all the 10 villages and organized meeting and discussed on the role and responsibilities of each member. they organized in each village 3 times meeting and worked out the problems for drinking water, enrollment of children in formal schools, government programs on agriculture, forest NTFP policy, panchayat, 30 degree slope land right and training programmes. to strengthen the peoples organization, 40 members were trained in social analysis, issues relating to wages, loan, mortgage, bonded ness, landlessness illiteracy and exploitation.

Women Group Formation and Training

During the last six months women groups were followed up in all the 20 villages and meetings were conducted. the community women's programme emphasized to build the confidence, strength, faith and potentials of the women. The process of education and interaction with women in the villages by the staff made them to be aware of situation, the structures in the traditional society which has been socially oppressive, culturally exploitative, politically marginalized and economically resource less. the last six months the staff organized meetings and made an effort to participate in the meetings. the women groups are also joined as members of the Deomali Mahila Mandal, which is a network of tribal women to protect and claim the rights of women. it is also extending the market facility for the women who brought the products under NTFP.

Women Group Fund: The staff educated the women group and raised in 6 villages the fund. totally 132 women initiated the savings. women group fund was followed up in 16 villages the women group leaders of each village collected the amount and deposited in the local bank. it is difficult for the landless women to get loan from government and in emergencies they depend on totally on landlords. this makes them again poor by paying a heavy interest and mortgage their land. the staff organized meetings in the new 10 villages and educated them on savings by reducing the unproductive expenses to the women groups. the staff also followed up the old ten village fund.

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