The Integrated Rural Development of Weaker Sections in India (WIDA)


The IRDWSI project has been working with Bonda Tribes in 10 villages since last 3 years, in both Ondrahal and Mudulipoda Panchayats of Khairput Block in Malkangiri District of Orissa with the assistance from Department of Science and Technology (DST), New Delhi. The report for the period is shared as follows:

Ideology and Vision

The project believes in people's knowledge, wisdom and power. The approach to development will be through People's Participatory Process. The Project will attempt on peoples plan, People's empowerment and sustainable development. Major human potential areas like self-esteem, dignity, respect, knowledge, confidence, attitudes and decision are the foundation to the people centered development.


  • To generate awareness on exploitation and the mot causes of poverty.
  • To form People's Organisation in each village.
  • To develop cadres and promote people's leaders.
  • To identify resources and train on the Management of local resources.
  • To form women groups and raise consciousness on equal rights.
  • To cultivate the practice of individual and community savings.
  • To emphasize children's enrolment in the school for formal education.
  • To create awareness on adult literacy.
  • To run functional literacy programmes in the villages.
  • To make conscious on personal hygiene/cleanliness and immunization.
  • To strengthen native medicines, practice and raise herbal garden.
  • To identify and train health cadres, native doctors and village Dais.
  • To reduce nutritional disorders and infant mortality rate.
  • To raise kitchen garden.


  • Visiting to villages
  • Organizing community meetings
  • Discussion with the Cadres, leaders, old men and women, individual, families and community
  • Planning programmes and discussion with the people organizations & women groups
  • Analyze the problems and priorities
  • Programme implementation through the cadres, leaders and people
  • Conduct Village Study
  • Share information on the study to the people
  • Take appropriate action and reflect on action

Area of Operation

For effective co-ordination the selected 1 0 villages were grouped into 2 cluster- Cluster - 1 consist of 6 villages and Cluster - 2 consist of 4 villages and the details are given below:

SL. Cluster - I   6 villages Period of work  SL. Cluster - 2   4 villages  Period of work 
1 Kirsanipoda   1995 - 2000  7 Bodbel  1995 - 2000 
2 Bondapoda 1995 - 2000  8 Bodpoda 1995 - 2000 
3 Dantipoda  1995 - 2000  9 Dumripoda  1997 - 2000 
4 Gopurpoda 1997 - 2000  10 Tulaguram  1997 - 2000 
5 Seleiguda   1997 - 2000 

   Five villages - 5 years   of work

   Five villages - 3 years  of work.  

6 Tuseipoda  1997 - 2000 

The IRDWSI project has been working with Bonda Tribes in the following programme

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