The Integrated Rural Development of Weaker Sections in India (WIDA)


Loko-Unnayan Sangh (LUS) has been working since last 10 years on different issue based actives in different parts of undivided Koraput District LUS works with dalits and other backward communities. Its aim is to bring change in the life of the dalits and the poor in the areas of socio-economic, political and culture. LUS gives importance to utilise local resources like land, water and forest. displacement in dealing with issues like liquor, contract, forest displacement , illiteracy, marketing education, environment, exploitation, Panchayat Raj and collection of Non Timber Forests as well as utilise Government programmes.

Network Meeting

A meeting was organised at LUS campus in Jhimkiguda in 1999. 13 people from 5 villages participated. They discussed on local issues on present problems of lard and forest of tribals and identify. socioeconomic, political and cultural problems, proper utilization of resources like forest, land and water management.

Panchayat Raj Training

A Panchayat Raj Meeting was organised by LUS in 1997. The Panchayat Raj elected representatives - ward members Sarpanches and Naib Sarpanches a total of 17 from 13 villages (male - 8 and female -9).Training was implemented on social analysis, role of Panchayat Raj representative, education, government programmes, environment,73rd Constitutional amendments, marketing etc.

Camp On Environment

LUS organised four Environment camps in . 815 People participated in these camps. This was organised to create awareness on environment protection and take up plantation programme in the -Alleges. In these camp people decided to get land for plantation programme from the government, to reduce liquor, children education, exploitation, land mortgage, bonded labour, marketing and Panchayat Raj.

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