The Integrated Rural Development of Weaker Sections in India (WIDA)


Coordination & Mentoring

To plan and implement the programmes of the people a team of committed and dedicated development and health works are appointed in WIDA. most of the field staff directly working with people are from the area of operation. Tribal, Daliths, backward communities and both men and women are part of the team.

To keep abreast on the development information staff also participated in various workshops. Seminars and training. Voluntary organization and funding is not permanent. in other words, working in a voluntary organization like WIDA is temporary.

We have been availing Government Co-operation from the village level and to the block lever through various schemes for uplifting the rural poor. Health social forestry, housing, drinking water, immunization, education, skills training are some of the programme where we are able to cooperative with the government in favour of the poor.

The department of science and technology, new Delhi, government of India is an ardent supporter of IRDWSI and they entered into partnership with us in the filed of low cost housing, sericulture programme for women, aquaculture, rural and urban skills programme for tribal youth and development of primitive tribal.

However, after the ban on the project there have been strange relations with lower level government servants. The cooperation between the project and the state is weakling due to the stand of the project and have decided to work for social justice and transformation.

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