The Integrated Rural Development of Weaker Sections in India (WIDA)


To improve the economic situation in the villages work with an accent to Promote social understanding and to build a concrete group. We have to change their attitudes towards Physical help for which they were always thinking any programme meant for them is free. On the other hand, most of them are below poverty line and whatever economic aid is given as repayable was a failure. So the people in the beginning were hesitant to accept the concept of repaying
In almost all the villages the development committee had come forward to serve as a credit bank in their own village in 1982. We developed individual and collective economic projects for which the capital benefit the other people in need. Community economic projects will be capital expenditure but implemented with the participation of the people through cash, materials and labour.

Individual Assistance

This programme benefits the individual for releasing mortgaged land mal4ng available loan for cultivation, to purchase bullocks etc.

The beneficiaries are identified by the DC and the committee gives loan to the individuals who are in need. The beneficiaries hire to repay to the committee and the committee in turn is responsible for implementing the village programmes. The repaid money will be used for revolving the loans among themselves

During the first phase, 413 programmes had been given to 355 beneficiaries.

Revolving Capital Fund

In the villages the traditional loan system is still existing. Whenever people need money they will go to the rich man for loan and repay double the amount what they borrowed. These poor tribals are exploited with high rate of interest, To wean them the project initiated in 5 villages revolving capital fund. This was fund deposited in the Community account in the bank and the PO decided and released the amount to the marginal farmers to initiate a business and the capital available revolve with in the community. The revolving capital fund was in 1999 released for 10 persons in 5 Villages for vegetable marketing 3 persons for fair price shop, 2 persons for broom making and 1 person to release mortgage land

Community Economic Programme

The community economic programme benefits the whole community. This is pure capital expenditure we do not start any project our own, Unless there is a request from the community and they themselves agree to contribute in a way of participating Like labour, materials and money, we do rot undertake the programme with the people. Approximately 30 -40 % of the total expenditure are borne by the village community. As of 1983 several programmes has been undertaken in the village: community building ,Road construction, Well clearing, Well digging etc. (see community structure)

In 1985, 67 programmes had been under taken in3l villages, programmes initiated since 1982.

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