The Integrated Rural Development of Weaker Sections in India (WIDA)


And aquaculture programmed was initiated and implemented in 1995 in one village, training 7 families. A plan for construction a water tank, laboratory and hatchery in the village was made.


In 1994 training on nursery and pond management was organized where 5 trainees percolated from 3 villages. in June 1995 war continued the training with a total 14 trainees nominated from 7 villages percolated and successfully completed a 5 day training programmed.

Beside the above programmed we also taught them the technique and method of real sing spew, preparation of nursery pond and maintenance of fingerings.

Since net is an essential equipment for fish farming, a training programme was implemented on fish net weaving and great threading in October 1994 during 10 days where they learned different techniques of making fish net and gear threading.

Breeding of Fish

In 1995 in the month of June and January, a fish breeding programme started. The stage of eggs was not very good in the beginning after hatchings spawn we produced 20,000. fingerlings collected came up to 50,000. we provided fingerlings to the villages in similitude, potting and Dasmantpur block.

Pond Survey and Supply of Fish Seed

A pond survey was done in the year of 1995 covering 34 ponds in 29 villages. Out of the 34 ponds fingerlings was supplied in 12 ponds in 12 villages of similitude and potting block in the year of 1994-95. The people in the village who are taking care of the fishpond were trained on fish farming by the project. Among the 12 ponds most of them are community and pinhead pond. But the people of the village took lease from the pinhead.

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