The Integrated Rural Development of Weaker Sections in India (WIDA)


Advocacy and legal consultancy programmes were initiated to address the issues related to environment, land alteration, displacement tribal self-rule, and land acquisition amendment act and rehabilitation policy. Legal awareness was provided to groups in the form consultancy services by legal consultants.


Due to lack of marketing facility, the tribal farmers are exploited in selling and buying. A meeting on marketing agricultural and forest produces held in 1997 in DID Centre, Semiliguda, Totally 22 LUS people participated in the meeting. Discussions were on the local economic crops and its marketing facility. The agenda was on - how farmers can get fair prices on crops like Niger, Ginger, Turmeric, Tamarind, different vegetables and Brooms, A proposal was suggested to form a marketing society where in NGOs would be responsible.

Non Timber Forest Products

A meeting was organised at Bhubaneshwar by TRIFED. a national level tribal development organization with NGOs of Orissa on different issues related to collection of NTFP, During the meeting discussions were held on how best TRIFED and NGOs jointly work together for the flexibility of the government rules and regulations (Illegal matters) for the forest dweller. Some major crops were identified for its processing and collection. Elaborate discussion was made on Forest parties and rights of the forest dwellers.


A three days meeting was organised on displacement issues with three participants (NGO and Peo0es Network members) and discussions were held on various processes of Land displacement land alienation, land encroachment and different commercial plantations. The participants also discussed on lack of rehabilitation - policies for out sees of the mega projects.

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