The Integrated Rural Development of Weaker Sections in India (WIDA)


ODAF is a Forum committed to facilitate the process of empowerment of the Poor & the Marginalised especially the Indigenous Communities ( Adivasis, Dalits and Fisherfolk) In Orissa towards establishment of Self Governance, Ownership and Sustainable Management of Natural Resources. Development of People Managed Credit and Marketing System. Influence all Policies & Programmes of State, National and International Organisations affecting these Communities Directly and Indirectly. Realisation of Human, Socio-Cultural & Political Rights with Ecological and Economical balance Gender and Social Justice, Quality of Life with emphasis on People Centred Sustainable Development in a given time frame from five to ten years.


  • Engaging Communities in critical consciousness and initiate activities that empower the poor and the marginalised communities
  • Strengthening the People’s Institutions – People’s Organisations, Women Organisations, Networks, Panchayati Raj Institutions
  • Engage in value based education
  • To promote leadership and support through fellowship of the leaders towards people centered development
  • To address the issue of gender discrimination and work towards gender justice
  • To work against all forms of human discrimination
  • To strengthen and promote cultural identities of the indigenous communities
  • To enable the communities to attain secured sustainable livelihood and engage communities to realise the basic needs and quality of life
  • To ensure the poor communities to attain income and food security
  • To promote, enable and address issues related to sustainable livelihood and sustainable development practices
  • To increase the potential of gain full employment through skills promotion and value added technologies
  • Support communities to build community managed credit and market mechanism
  • To strengthen the community health measures and improve the standard of health of the communities
  • To initiate activities addressing community based calamity preparedness
  • To strengthen issue based networking and the efforts of lobbying and alliance building to effectively counter the policies, programmes and mal development strategies that affect the life of the poor
  • To initiate and engage meaningfully in advocacy activities to bring necessary changes that are pro-poor, pro-environment and sustainable development
- Peoples Contribution in Drought Action Programmes through IRDWSI
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