The Integrated Rural Development of Weaker Sections in India (WIDA)

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Sustain humanitarian and communitarian values of respect for each other, build dignity and harmonious living with nature work together for a self reliant community continue to work collectively Co-operatively, to attain self sufficiency and a just, gender-equal, ecologically and sustainable society.


Facilitate the process of empowerment of the poor, especially among the indienous communities (adivasis, dalits, fishers,rural artisams, Minorities the marginalised and the victims of disaster and dominant development) in India, with a view to their achieving self-governance with ownership of the development processes. Influence all policies and programmes of the state, national and international organisa tion affecting these communities, directly and indirectly. Realise the human, socio-cultural and political rights with ecological and economic balance, gender and social justice, quality of life, with an emphasis on people-centred sustainable development in a given timeframe of 5 to 1 5 years.


To help people discover their own Communities, resources, accompany the people in their journey towards development; imbibe the elements and values of critical consciousness, involve people in recollecting the past, understanding the present and focussing on the future, and to get people to envision and empower themselves through a systematic plan of action for a better future.

Core Values

Participation, democracy, transparency, accountability, gender equality, peace, social, economic and ecological justice and sustainable development.


“Empowerment of the individual and the whole community”

Partners in Development

Dalits, Adivasis, Fishers and the Backward Communities Bonded and Landless Labourers, Marginal & Small Farmers, Rural Artisans .Women, Children, Rural and Urban poor, Slum Dwellers, minorities and Victims of Disasters

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The IRDWSI is Voluntary Organisation (Non - Govermental Organisation and a Non-Profit Organisation) since 1981 working among the marginlised communities in backward States and disaster prone areas of India and Union Territories of India.